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Notes on the Geography of Sudan: Nile Corridor

The Nile dominates Northern Sudan as much as it does Egypt.

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Sudan: Nile Corridor picture 1

The Nile near Sabaluka, at the 6th Cataract of the Nile.

Sudan: Nile Corridor picture 2

The flight from Cairo to Khartoum takes two hours. Amazing how much you miss when you travel that way.

Sudan: Nile Corridor picture 3

The banks of the river are often irrigated.  Here, we're looking upstream on the White Nile, where long narrow fields are irrigated by water electrically pumped from the river. 

Sudan: Nile Corridor picture 4

Farther from water, the country north of Khartoum is intensely arid.  Everything is built of stone or, more likely, mud. The occasional tree is an event.

Sudan: Nile Corridor picture 5

Public meetings are typically held in a tree's shade.

Sudan: Nile Corridor picture 6

The surrounding plains stretch out forever.

Sudan: Nile Corridor picture 7

Mosques are important enough to be built in stone.

Sudan: Nile Corridor picture 8

So is the occasional tomb. This one commemorated a man who had made the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Sudan: Nile Corridor picture 9

The Blue Nile at Khartoum. The river, flowing from the bottom of the picture, splits around Tuti Island and then joins the White NIle..  Khartoum proper is on the left; Khartoum North is on the right; Omdurman is in the distance, beyond Tuti Island.

Sudan: Nile Corridor picture 10

A ferry crosses the broad reservoir formed on the White Nile by the Jebel Aulia Dam, upstream from Khartoum but built by and for Egypt.  The water creates a very welcome cool breeze.

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