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Notes on the Geography of Yemen: Aden

Back in the days when Europeans went by sea to India and points beyond, Aden was a regular port of call. Not today, although the airport receives a surprising amount of traffic not only domestically but from Amman and Dubai, Cairo, Nairobi, Djibouti, and Mogadishu.

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Yemen: Aden picture 1

The southwest coast of Arabia still sees lots of small boats to and from the Emirates.

Yemen: Aden picture 2

Small-boat harbor.

Yemen: Aden picture 3

The same corner from farther back. The building in the distance is--so much for the exotic--a shopping center.

Yemen: Aden picture 4

Aden has two parts separated by a volcanic mountain. Within the volcano is the old part of town appropriately called simply Crater. This, on the other hand, is the newer part of town, the location of the modern harbor--and where the U.S.S. Cole had come to anchor.

Yemen: Aden picture 5

Looking from this newer part of town over toward the mountain within which lies Crater, of which more soon.

Yemen: Aden picture 6

Nobody's idea of scenic, but not as run down as you might expect.

Yemen: Aden picture 7

Well, what did every Victorian town need, first and foremost?

Yemen: Aden picture 8

It needed a park, too. Can you make out that object in the trees on the left? It's a dark mass atop a light-colored base.

Yemen: Aden picture 9

Ever she sits, apple in hand.

Yemen: Aden picture 10

If you really hanker for Empire, you have to head this way.

Yemen: Aden picture 11

It's close to the old passenger dock.

Yemen: Aden picture 12

Last decorated in 1950-something.

Yemen: Aden picture 13

Playing by the clocktower.

Yemen: Aden picture 14

The patch of grass is a surprising touch, but we're going to jump over the mountain to see something even more startling--probably the most exotic thing in the city.

Yemen: Aden picture 15

Here's an explanatory note.

Yemen: Aden picture 16

And here's the approach path.

Yemen: Aden picture 17

Looks like a tomb of some sort, but it isn't.

Yemen: Aden picture 18

Behind the arch, a stepped tank to capture runoff from the occasional storm--increasingly occasional these days.

Yemen: Aden picture 19

The water is held up by a series of weirs.

Yemen: Aden picture 20

Follow them upstream and you arrive at impassible ravines.

Yemen: Aden picture 21

It's like a water park. Just without water for the last several years.

Yemen: Aden picture 22

Some of the tanks are deep.

Yemen: Aden picture 23

The interconnections seem like something conceived by Escher.

Yemen: Aden picture 24

Water must once have splashed over these sills.

Yemen: Aden picture 25

And down several pathways.

Yemen: Aden picture 26

The sultan's palace, now the archaeological museum.

Yemen: Aden picture 27

The Al-Aidrus mosque and tombs.

Yemen: Aden picture 28


Yemen: Aden picture 29


Yemen: Aden picture 30

In case you thought that the Victorian architecture had bitten the dust: not a chance.

Yemen: Aden picture 31

Verandas for a hint of breeze.

Yemen: Aden picture 32

Deco, late in the colonial day.

Yemen: Aden picture 33

Another example.

Yemen: Aden picture 34

Post-colonial progress: the same shopping center seen from a distance in the first photo of this set.

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