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Notes on the Geography of Sri Lanka: Galle

Galle is a story of decline and revival, decline with the obsolescence of the town's historic port but revival with heritage tourism.

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Sri Lanka: Galle picture 1

We're looking past the rough surf toward the rocky and roughly square fortress of historic Galle, which sticks out into the Indian Ocean like a hernia on the island's otherwise smooth south coast.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 2

The fort is protected on the west side by a wave-breaking reef.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 3

That's why the waves lapping against the fortress are considerably gentler than you'd expect.  The view here is from the mainland side toward the southwest corner of the fort.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 4

We've come around to that southwest corner and are looking to the southeast corner.  The lighthouse used to be where the camera is positioned, but it burned in 1934 and was rebuilt at the present site.  Beyond lie the calm though commercially deserted waters of Galle Harbor.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 5

We're looking back toward the corner where the lighthouse formerly stood.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 6

The third side of the fort. The harbor, to the left, was very crowded until the development of an artificial one at Colombo. The Chinese have recently built another new port about 70 miles to the east, at Hambantota.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 7

The wall on the land side of the fort.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 8

The same wall, with a city gate.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 9

The British coat-of-arms is a 19th century addition; on the cornerstone below you see the earlier logo of the VOC, for the United East India Company.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 10

The other side of the same gate, showing the old warehouse once integrated into the wall.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 11

Again: the VOC, 1699.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 12

Stepping back: the gate is about three-quarters of the way down the length of the warehouse.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 13

We're in the building now, where one part has been converted to government land registry.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 14

The record room.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 15

A block away: the New Oriental Hotel, long decrepit but recently renovated by Aman Resorts into one of Sri Lanka's most expensive hotels.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 16

The hotel is in the background.  On this side of it is the Dutch Reformed Church, of which more later.  The building in the foreground contains government offices, including a post office.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 17

The same office building, looking in the opposite direction, past All Saints, the Anglican church.  The streets form a small grid.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 18

This has been a post office since 1815.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 19

All Saints is a johnny-come-lately, opening in 1871.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 20

The nave.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 21

The stone columns are awkwardly juxtaposed against the brilliantly white plastered brick.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 22

The Dutch Reformed Church, from 1755, may be more interesting.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 23

The interior is simple.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 24

Perhaps the most striking furnishing is the pulpit.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 25

But then you see the floor, into which tombstones have been moved from the nearby cemetery.  They're amazingly sharp, unweathered.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 26

"Hereunder lies the body of Elizabeth Margaret Heynen, wife of the Gezaghebber of Galle, Imam de Jonge.  Born at Batavia, 29th March 1689, and died at the resthouse at Amblangodde, in the District of Galle, on the 4th December, 1735, and buried on the 5th.  Aged 45 years, 8 months, and 5 days."

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 27

"To the memory of the Hon. Carel Pieter Swensen, Sea Captain and Equipagie Meester (Market Attendant) of Galle.  Born at Colombo, 9th June 1691.  Died at Galle, 13th December, 1739.  Aged 48 years, 6 months, and 4 days."

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 28

"To the memory of Clara Josina, beloved daughter of the Hon. Pieter Sluysken, Commandeur of the City of Galle and the Lands of Matara.  Born 14th May 1776, and, to the bitter sorrow of all who knew her virtues, laid to her rest in the Lord on the 26th November, 1791, at the age of 15 years, 4 months, and 12 days."

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 29

"Hereunder lies buried Sandrina Reets, born in Utrecht, 7th April, 1668, the good wife of Jacobus van Outshoorn van Sonnevelt, Onderkoopman and Soldy-Boekhonder here, also retired Fiscaal of the Malabar Coast.  Died 1st January, 1706.  Aged 37 years, 8 months, and 29 days."

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 30

"Here lies buried Johanna van Rhee, wife of Cornelis Taay van Wezel, retired Gezaghebber of this Commandement and Dissave of Matara.  Born at Negapatnam, 19th May, 1668, Died 15th July, 1719.  Aged 46 years, 1 month, and 26 days." 

These (and many other) translations come from F.H. De Vos, who published them in "Monumental Remains of the Dutch East India Company in Ceylon," scattered over several numbers of The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Ceylon Branch, beginning with Volume 15, 1898.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 31

Near the south wall stands what looks like another church.  In fact it's a mosque.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 32

The sign on the lean-to reads: "Ladies Prayer Hall."  

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 33

The cock is a town symbol.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 34

Walk down the street away from these public buildings and you're likely to be approached by a real-estate tout, quick to explain what it will cost to buy and renovate a house. His idea is that you will then offer it for rent as a vacation villa. Of course someone will have to manage it.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 35

For sale at a very steep price.  The opening of the Aman property has had a dramatic effect on land values.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 36

An already renovated property.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 37

Front porch.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 38

Another, occupied by the Australian owners of a nearby hotel.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 39

For sale, as is, for about USD 100,000.  That's just the building behind the pink facade.  You'll have to gut it.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 40

From the roof, toward All Saints.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 41

The opposite view, past the mosque and across Galle Harbor.  A steady and cooling sea breeze blows.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 42

Although the buildings inside the fort were not damaged by the tsunami of December 26, 2004, buildings outside were decimated, even when made of solid materials.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 43

It takes a minute to realize what's happened.

Sri Lanka: Galle picture 44

Temporary housing.

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