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Notes on the Geography of Peru: Ollantaytambo: Photo 47

world pictures Peru: Ollantaytambo

Here's the central square at Ollantaytambo. Not much to see but wait a minute.

Before we snoop, here's old Squier writing about his experience here. "All foreigners in the Sierra are supposed by the mixed population to be French by nationality, and peddlers of jewellery by occupation. He [the cura or local priest] advised us not to go down the valley to Santa Ana, adding, significantly, that the peones had ascertained the real value of the glittering wares which the last Franceses had disposed of there. And then he wanted to see what trinkets we had with us, and intimated the possibility of making a purchase. It was with difficulty that I convinced him that we were not peddlers, when he inquired, what, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, had brought us to Ollantaytambo? "Antiguedades!" he repeated after me, with unfeigned astonishment, became suddenly silent, and left the room.... Like the cura of Tiahuanuco, he, too, was weary of life in an Indian village; he knew the soil was stuffed with treasure, and understood perfectly the object of our visit. It was well enough to disguise it from the people generally and the governor in particular; but now we might just as well take him into our confidence, and divide the spoils we had come so far to obtain" (Squier, p. 511).

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