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Notes on the Geography of Italy: Giglio

Ten miles off Italy's west coast, and 90 northwest of Rome, Giglio is no Capri. Its population of 1400 rises in the summer, but mostly with Italians instead of foreigners. Even then, most of the island, five miles north to south and half that east to west, is empty, rocky, and fragrant.

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Italy: Giglio picture 1

The biggest town is Giglio Porto, on the island's east coast. A ferry to the mainland is docked in the harbor.

Italy: Giglio picture 2

The Torre Saraceno peeks from behind the ferry. Built in 1596, the tower was part of the island's defenses against pirates.

Italy: Giglio picture 3

The town forms an arc around its harbor.

Italy: Giglio picture 4

The waterfront has restaurants and shops, but no hotels.

Italy: Giglio picture 5

The breakwaters were rebuilt after a storm in 1979.

Italy: Giglio picture 6

The main road from the port to the island's other two towns makes few concessions to traffic. Here, a fuel tanker returns to the port. A ferry has recently landed, so there's a crowd for a few minutes.

Italy: Giglio picture 7

The high point of the island has a small walled town appropriately called Castello. In exchange for their security, residents had to forever climb up and down on the slopes of this island. Giglio is etymologically "Goat Island," but does this refer literally to goats or to people who climb like goats?

Italy: Giglio picture 8

The entrance to Giglio Castello.

Italy: Giglio picture 9

Typical street.

Italy: Giglio picture 10

Narrow passages.

Italy: Giglio picture 11

Tidy, too.

Italy: Giglio picture 12

The view from Castello down to the island's west coast, facing the infinite Mediterranean. This is the island's best beach, which is why most tourist accommodation is here, in the relatively new town called Campese. Here, too, there's a defensive tower, visible at the north end of the beach. Built by the Medicis, it helped repel the island's last pirate assault, Tunisian pirates who attacked in 1799.

Italy: Giglio picture 13

Once off the paved road between the three settlements, you're on dirt.

Italy: Giglio picture 14

Scattered ruins, terraced vineyards, and pine plantations.

Italy: Giglio picture 15

Well-tended and isolated patches.

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