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Notes on the Geography of New Zealand: Whangarei Heads

"The place where whales gather." Qualification: where they they used to gather. And don't forget: the name's "faanger-ay." Say it a few times and maybe you'll remember.

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New Zealand: Whangarei Heads picture 1

There are some handsome, well-established vineyards hereabouts.

New Zealand: Whangarei Heads picture 2

You can tell that farming has some history here. How many people know the lingo? Footings, first lift, through stones, hearting, cope.

New Zealand: Whangarei Heads picture 3

Mostly the countryside is forest and pasture.

New Zealand: Whangarei Heads picture 4

Sometimes ex-forest, though the owners will assure you that a new crop is on the way. Breathe deeply.

New Zealand: Whangarei Heads picture 5

The coast--here Whale Bay and Woolleys Bay--is spectacular.

New Zealand: Whangarei Heads picture 6

Were looking toward the end of the Whanarei Heads peninsula. McLeod Bay, in the foreground, lies on the channel connecting the sea to the safely enclosed Whangarei Harbour. Mt. Manaia is straight ahead. The tip of the peninsula is on the other side.

New Zealand: Whangarei Heads picture 7

Ocean Beach, Tarakanahi Island, Mauitaha Island. The end of the peninsula, Bream Head, is off to the right. It's all very nice so long as you're not a mariner. There's lots of ships below, some put there by mines laid by the Germans.

New Zealand: Whangarei Heads picture 8

Makes you appreciate terra firma, in this case seen from Kaiatea Road, 15 miles north and on the road to Tutukaka. (Just practice.)

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