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Notes on the Geography of Greece: Hosios Loukas

The monastery of Hosios Loukas, not far from Delphi but closer to Steiri, has an 11th century Byzantine church with spectacular mosaics, many of which survived the attacks of Crusaders, Turks, and Venetians, as well as decades of abandonment during the early 19th century.

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Greece: Hosios Loukas picture 1

The view from the monastery. Loukas, who was born in Kastri, the village that was on the site of Delphi, died here in 953. The church was begun soon after.

Greece: Hosios Loukas picture 2

The site could hardly be more idyllic, but the church and surrounding buildings have been treated roughly over the centuries. The central dome, for example, was destroyed in 1593, and its mosaics were not replaced.

Greece: Hosios Loukas picture 3

From above, you can see the dome of the Katholikon, one of the two churches on the site; the other is to its left.

Greece: Hosios Loukas picture 4

Monks' quarters.

Greece: Hosios Loukas picture 5

The nave and sanctuary.

Greece: Hosios Loukas picture 6

Above the sanctuary, the virgin is enthroned; still higher, a circle of the pentecost.

Greece: Hosios Loukas picture 7

This is the replacement central dome, showing Christ Pantocrator in paint, not mosaic. The work was executed in the 17th century.

Greece: Hosios Loukas picture 8

Saints Anthimos, Eleutherios, Polykarpos, and Antipas.

Greece: Hosios Loukas picture 9

Christ Pantocrator.

Greece: Hosios Loukas picture 10

Zacharias above Panteleimon

Greece: Hosios Loukas picture 11

The road east.

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