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Notes on the Geography of Brazil: Boa Viagem

In 1709 Recife had a population of 16,000 people. Now it has 1.5 million in the city and 3.7 million in the metro. Where do they live? The city has spread out to the north, west, and south. Here we look at an affluent area between the sea and the airport.

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Brazil: Boa Viagem picture 1

Seen through a (sealed, naturally) hotel window on Domingos Ferreira Avenue, which is a main street for traffic heading south from Recife. Never forget: Brazil may be vast, Brazil may be wild, but Brazilians live in highrise. Maybe not always, but as generalizations go, this one's good.

Brazil: Boa Viagem picture 2

Side streets aren't much more interesting. This one is parallel to the last and one block closer to the ocean.

Brazil: Boa Viagem picture 3

Fear not: the local Walmart is nearby, masquerading under another name.

Brazil: Boa Viagem picture 4

If you need something more stylish--shops or office space--you don't have to go far. That's RioMar Recife, sitting on an islet a mile from the sea; the developer (Grupo JCPM) runs shopping centers across Brazil. The three towers are the Plaza Business Center. You know, Americans don't have a monopoly on tedious names.

Brazil: Boa Viagem picture 5

Residents have a better idea. You know where they're headed.

Brazil: Boa Viagem picture 6

Lots of sand; better yet, there's a reef (recife in Portuguese) that calms the beach waves. The reef isn't coral, though; it's a sandstone from consolidated beach sands.

Brazil: Boa Viagem picture 7

Think there's a premium for apartments facing the sea?

Brazil: Boa Viagem picture 8

The sand goes on for miles.

Brazil: Boa Viagem picture 9

There's one small impediment, but bull and tiger sharks don't discourage everyone.

Brazil: Boa Viagem picture 10

The Edificio Aguas Claras in 2016 offered apartments of 2000 square feet for about $450,000.

Brazil: Boa Viagem picture 11

The bike lanes are free.

Brazil: Boa Viagem picture 12

Cape Town, Perth, Southern California, Recife: they all have a lot in common.

Brazil: Boa Viagem picture 13

A monument recalls the development of the neighborhood, Boa Viagem, about 1930.

Brazil: Boa Viagem picture 14

Is everything new in these southern districts? Answer: no. Here's a church from 1787.

Brazil: Boa Viagem picture 15

There's an active congregation, too, an indicator of greater piety than many North Americans and godless Europeans are used to.

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