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Notes on the Geography of Israel: Tel Aviv

A brief scan of the commercial and residential landscapes of this city-on-the-dunes, created almost entirely in the 20th century.

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Israel: Tel Aviv picture 1

Tel Aviv from the seawall at Jaffa.

Israel: Tel Aviv picture 2

Coming closer, through the miracle of optics.

Israel: Tel Aviv picture 3

And closer still, to what might perhaps be mistaken for the skyline of an American city.

Israel: Tel Aviv picture 4

A cylindrical apartment building anticipates its own demise. that's what happens when you live surrounded by ancient ruins.

Israel: Tel Aviv picture 5

No irony here: the architect loved graph paper, and the photographer was too lazy to get out of his car.

Israel: Tel Aviv picture 6

Inside that reticulated masterpiece there's a shopping mall.

Israel: Tel Aviv picture 7

Here's another, at Petah Tikva, on the city's eastern outskirts.

Israel: Tel Aviv picture 8

Upscale flats in the central city. That slightly worn look is characteristic, as is the masking vegetation.

Israel: Tel Aviv picture 9

More of the same.

Israel: Tel Aviv picture 10

Grimmer housing, in South Jaffa. The building is a reminder of the days when kibbutzim starved on a diet of tomatoes. It's also a reminder of the Israeli fixation on living in the sun.

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