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Notes on the Geography of Uzbekistan

Unlike its neighbors, the government of Uzbekistan has allied itself to the United States, rather than to Russia. Frustrated Uzbeks see this as the root cause of their poverty, because it minimizes trade opportunities.  Paradoxically, they like the United States.  "Uzbekistan bad; America good," says the elderly caretaker of an abandoned madrasa in Bukhara.  You wouldn't think he'd be so fond of a country whose government sits on him, but he's not making a political statement: he's just envying America its wealth, as you can tell when he rubs his thumb against his fingers.

The chapters here begin with the capital, Tashkent, then drift west and north to Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva.  Finally there's a look at Soktare, a village an hour's drive from Bukhara and the birthplace of Sadriddin Aini, a dominant figure in 20th century Tajik literature.

Several bibliographical references are cited in the following chapters, but a good general introduction is Calum MacLeod and Bradley Mayhew, Uzbekistan: the Golden Road to Samarkand (2004).

Tashkent (27 pictures)
Russian Tashkent (10 pictures)
Soviet Tashkent (12 pictures)
Samarkand (30 pictures)
Samarkand: Gur Emir (9 pictures)
Samarkand: Bibi Khanum Mosque (14 pictures)
Samarkend: Shah-e Zende (35 pictures)
Samarkand: Lesser Monuments (17 pictures)
Samarkand Market (11 pictures)
Russian Samarkand (16 pictures)
Bukhara: Citadel (14 pictures)
Bukhara: Bolo Hauz Mosque (5 pictures)
Bukhara: Poi Kalon (13 pictures)
Bukhara: Ismael Samani Mausoleum (5 pictures)
Bukhara: Kosh Madrasas (5 pictures)
Bukhara: Ulug Beg and Abdul Aziz Madrasas (7 pictures)
Bukhara: Lyab-i-Hauz (6 pictures)
Bukhara: Baland Mosque (10 pictures)
Bukhara: Street Scenes (23 pictures)
Bukhara: Bazaars (12 pictures)
Bukhara: Russian (13 pictures)
Khiva (16 pictures)
Khiva: Kukhna Ark (13 pictures)
Khiva: Tash Hauli (31 pictures)
Khiva: Mosque (5 pictures)
Khiva: Sayyid Alauudin (3 pictures)
Khiva: Pakhlavan Mahmoud (4 pictures)
Khiva Town (10 pictures)
Soktare (Sadriddin Aini) (19 pictures)

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