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Notes on the Geography of Oman: Musandam

A mountainous prong of the Arabian Peninsula narrows the mouth of the Persian or Arabian Gulf at the Strait of Hormuz.  The prong is an Omani exclave, separated from the rest of Oman by about 30 miles of U.A.E. territory.  The eastern extremity of the prong is the extraordinarily convoluted Musandam Peninsula.  The pictures here show only the approach to that peninsula via the rugged north coast of the Omani exclave.

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Oman: Musandam  picture 1

We've crossed the border from the U.A.E. and are running along the coast highway, past beaches and headlands.

Oman: Musandam  picture 2

Hard and soft alternate many times.

Oman: Musandam  picture 3

Here, the highway runs on fill at the bottom of a cliff.

Oman: Musandam  picture 4

As elsewhere in Oman, security was always an issue.

Oman: Musandam  picture 5

Things seem more peaceful now.

Oman: Musandam  picture 6

Despite the desert, there is water.

Oman: Musandam  picture 7

The adjoining village.

Oman: Musandam  picture 8

At the end of the world, air conditioning and satellite dishes.

Oman: Musandam  picture 9

There are a few big houses, too.

Oman: Musandam  picture 10

A homeowner pays tribute to the ships that have always been a huge part of people's lives here.

Oman: Musandam  picture 11

Just in case you think that this place is insulated from the modern world.

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