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Notes on the Geography of Cambodia (Angkor)

From about 800 A.D. to 1,400, Angkor was the capital of the Khmer Empire. This was an Indic civilization, as the name "Angkor" implies with its derivation from the Sanskrit "nagara," or sacred city. Even the term "Khmer," which is equivalent to "Cambodian," is derived from the Sanskrit place name Kambuja. Though never entirely forgotten, the site was semi-abandoned for some 500 years, and reports arriving in Europe from occasional visitors, both Asian and European, were disregarded. That changed with a report written by Henri Mouhot and published posthumously in 1864. French archaeologists began clearing away the forest after the Thai government in 1907 ceded Angkor to Cambodia, then part of French Indo-China. Through the colonial period, Angkor was internationally famous, but the visitor load was light in comparison to today. During the 1970s and 1980s, the ruins were occupied by Khmer Rouge forces; tourists stopped coming, and maintenance ceased. Since 1991, Angkor has been open to foreign visitors once again. Now the biggest threat is the destruction not of the place but of the experience of the place: Angkor is almost overwhelmed by crowds of visitors flying in for a glimpse of the exotic.

Angkor Wat (23 pictures)
The Periphery of Angkor Thom (18 pictures)
Monuments in Angkor Thom (17 pictures)
Preah Khan (12 pictures)
Neak Pean (15 pictures)
Ta Prohm and Vicinity (26 pictures)
East Mebon and Banteay Samre (16 pictures)
Roluos Group (10 pictures)
Banteay Srei (7 pictures)
Kobal Spien and Phnom Kulen (14 pictures)
Looking at Tourists (8 pictures)
Siem Reap and Vicinity (21 pictures)

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